The Pantone Color Institute chose the two main colors of 2021 – “perfect gray” (Ultimate Gray) and “illuminating” (Illuminating).
The combination of practical and hard grey with warm and optimistic yellow expresses unity and support, experts of the institute believe. According to experts, this combination fully expresses the mood of the coming year, showing how different elements can come together to support each other.

This is the second time in over 20 years that Pantone has chosen two colors of the year. Previously, this happened only in 2016, when the colors of the year according to the Institute became “rose quartz” and blue “serenity”.

In 2020, the color of the year was “classic blue” according to Pantone, symbolizing consistency and trust. In 2019, it was a “living coral” – a life-affirming color, energizing and energizing. The color of 2018 was chosen “ultraviolet” as an embodiment of the spirit of invention and creative imagination. And in 2017, the main color became restoring and updating shade of “fresh leaves”.

The institute also released filters for Instagram and Facebook, with which you can now try on the colors of 2021.

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