According to our experience, the main need of manufacturing plants is to develop cuts for packaging and labels.
Since 2016, we have been helping KNAUF to broadcast German quality to the masses.

We value quality, therefore we also help companies to arrange their products below

Whether it’s an exhibition or a symposium, the Dutch company Koudijc MKorma can count on high-quality printing, paraphernalia and souvenir products

The timber industry should

also have modern and



Representatives of the forest industry should also have decent sites.
In this case, we helped a sawmill manufacturer create a modern and colorful website.
We meet a variety of tasks. For example, the restoration of an old building.
It was necessary to make a model of the building and options for painting it.
We reflected the selected result in the presentation for approval by the client with
the city administration.

It’s funny that our other client was located in the same building and decided

to update his website with the renovation of the building 🙂

3D modeling turned out to be in demand by the dental clinic as well

And developers

In addition to design, interior visualizations are also relevant


While developing a corporate identity and a website for a ventilation and climate systems factory, we conducted a complete analysis of competitors and noticed their uniformity and similarity. The new image of the manufacturer is designed to distinguish it from the background of the market in the eyes of partners and suppliers.

In 2021, we started our own foodtech startup and opened a pizzeria. A second location was opened that same year. Unfortunately, the business was destined to be sold, but we received excellent entrepreneurial experience, as well as a case study on brand design and packaging.