Before the pandemic, many dreamed of remote jobs – you don’t have to travel far, spend money on transportation, get up early! In the process, you can drink coffee at any time, go do minor chores, cook dinner, be with your family…

And so the year 2020 came and people understood the simple truth: «Be careful with your desires!» Quarantine put a lot of specialists on remote, and, surprisingly, not everyone liked it. Now that the experience of domestic work is already known, the main problem in the workplace highlighted weak motivation. What used to drag you home – the family, the couch, the cat, cozy purr next to the computer – became a distraction. We collected the most popular notes of specialists who managed to overcome the problem and become productive in the home environment.

Set up a home office.
Of course, a laptop or a phone makes you mobile, and you can work on a bed under a blanket, but that would be a mistake. Our brains are designed so that the place where he used to rest will evoke the same associations, and you will not tune in to work. And if the whole family is at home, you will hardly be left alone. To avoid the fuss – organize yourself a place where you will be engaged exclusively in work, and in time the brain will perceive it as an office, and the mood will automatically become working. This process will be even easier if you remove from the «office» all superfluous – frames with photos, mugs, books – any objects not related to work.

Allocate Tasks.
Steven Covey in his book «7 High Performance People» described four types of cases: urgent important, urgent unimportant, not urgent important, and not urgent unimportant. And you have to do them in that order. You can also refer to the famous phrase Eat a frog for breakfast , – do first what you want to postpone until later. The brain loves completion, and for completing the unloved process it will reward you with a portion of endorphins and inspiration for further action.

Get up early.
Imagine waking up at exactly the same time as before being removed. And the time you used to spend on the road, spend on yourself.

Love the routine.
It sounds terrible, but look at it this way. Routine is a daily process that you can’t escape. But if you put them in the right order, they become a habit that will automatically stimulate the brain, and the workflow will look like a confident, rugged composition. Set yourself the goal of performing certain work tasks regularly. Start small, for example, checking mail at the same time. The more such «rituals» you manage to create, the easier it will work.

Take a break.
Productive work without productive rest is impossible. If you arrange a break, then it is not worth spending on social networks – it will eat a lot of time, and rest your brain almost does not give. By productive rest means pastime outside the working area. Get up from the table, go out on the balcony, drink tea, walk, exercise…

If you are working or have been working at a remote location, share your motivation.