One of the most popular stock services – presented visual and creative trends of 2021. The team went through all the social media searches, and they interviewed about 600 creative people, and then they wrote a report that said we’re going to have electronic music, psychedelic gradients and prints, intertwined global and original, and most importantly, the focus on positive and multiculturalism.

Bright, positive colors – to make the person feel lighter and more full of energy. It feels like the world wants to take its mind off the pandemic and its aftermath.
Comfort zone – the main place of work and life in general has become a house. We learn to live in it and do not violate other people’s space.
A breath of fresh air – the effects of isolation have made people want to get closer to nature, as well as respond to climate change.
The most important trend is support, giving voice to people of different identities.

Design trend

Romanticism is a design that combines minimalism with a Victorian view of nature and patterns.
Vintage vaporwave – rethinking the experience of the late 80s – early 90s with their «low-fi», only now combined with pastel tones, contour graphics and pop art.
Return to Bauhaus – design with pure geometric shapes and bright colors, all in the best traditions of the school, which celebrated its century in 2019.
Psych out – inspired by the 1970s and Art Nouveau style, the trend is full of lush forms and fonts, and air illustrations are combined with bright gradients and «dusty» colors.

Video trends

Hand movements – the trend towards DIY is emphasized by the aesthetics of user-generated content.
Substitution – Video editors evolve and allow users to create increasingly superior video quality, as well as to paste their pictures and videos into ready-made templates.
Transformational transitions – attracts the smoothness and colorfulness of transitions and graphic elements.
Complex gradients – more and more video editors use a mixture of bright colors to attract attention.

Sound trends

«Global» rhythms – as listeners become more and more diverse when it comes to music in the clip, editors and producers are looking for tracks that create «global», modern sound – very often ethnic rhythms become the basis for them, superimposed on a modern bit.
Music for podcasts – during the time of self-isolation, the demand for audio books increased dramatically and the podcast industry boomed, so producers and advertisers will give priority to music that fits into storytelling.
Electronics – This trend reflects the growing popularity of electronic music and its subgenres, including future bass, electro funk, and synthwave.