Back in 2016, Instagram replaced the chronological tape with algorithmic. It’s been a while since then, and some people still don’t fully understand what factors affect the ranking of posts in the Friends feed.

Now we are waiting for new changes in Instagram algorithms to work with them in 2021. But the factors of ranking posts in Instagram leaving 2020 are still relevant.

The Instagram manual itself highlights three main ranking factors:
Interest (interest).
Recency (novelty).
Relationship (Relationship).

Is it possible to boost stats with rolls and bots? Thanks to machine learning, bot activity is not taken into account. Back in 2019, the company announced the launch of tools to clean up the platform from bots and fake accounts.

Coverage is influenced by audience interest. After entering the new algorithm you see more often in the tape what you are interested in, based on the previously collected data (likes, comments, viewing and reading time of the post, reposts). Instagram studies your relationships with subscribers and posts of those you often like, communicate with the Director, search in search – will be the priority viewer.

Video does not get priority in the tape, but the algorithm takes into account that the user watches more often (photo or video) and gives it exactly this type of content.

Despite the fact that the Instagram tape has become algorithmic, social network still looks at the chronology, preferring those posts that were published recently. So, posts for the user are first sorted by their interests, then – by the date of publication.

You can use up to 30 hashtags, they are not «spam», but help users find the necessary information. And it makes no difference to put them in comments or signatures to the post.
Instagram wants you to be responsive. Comments are worth answering because it is a great way to interact with community subscribers. But there was no notice from Instagram that you “need” to respond quickly.
Information posted in posts can not exceed 2,200 characters. Is it always enough to express your point of view?
The Instagram manual still does not give official information on the limits of storize viewing.