International exhibition COMTRANS – 2021

Partners’ success – UPG2B success! Our company has been working with big car dealers for many years, so we, of course, know everything not only about customers’ products, but also monitor the auto industry as a whole: its major events and innovative projects. ‼Just the other day we managed to visit just one of the […]

Where to look for inspiration to update the design of your home space?

When you want to change something in your apartment, unwittingly think, and where to look for ideas? We all remember the brilliant slogan «there is an idea – there is Ikea», but 20-25 years ago in Russia there was neither her, nor Instagram, nor YouTube with multiple reviews of design decisions, nor normal furniture stores.

One of the most popular stock services

One of the most popular stock services – presented visual and creative trends of 2021. The team went through all the social media searches, and they interviewed about 600 creative people, and then they wrote a report that said we’re going to have electronic music, psychedelic gradients and prints, intertwined global and original, and most […]

Topical about motivation and timing at a distance

Before the pandemic, many dreamed of remote jobs – you don’t have to travel far, spend money on transportation, get up early! In the process, you can drink coffee at any time, go do minor chores, cook dinner, be with your family… And so the year 2020 came and people understood the simple truth: «Be […]

The sculptor Lee Jae-ho

Look at the amazing work of this Korean sculptor! When looking at them not only admires the beauty of his work, but also the surprise of the technique of execution! The sculptor Lee Jae-hoo (#LeeJaehyo) from South Korea has been making Land Art sculptures for over 20 years. In his work, the sculptor refuses to […]

How to work with Instagram algorithm tape.

Back in 2016, Instagram replaced the chronological tape with algorithmic. It’s been a while since then, and some people still don’t fully understand what factors affect the ranking of posts in the Friends feed. Now we are waiting for new changes in Instagram algorithms to work with them in 2021. But the factors of ranking […]

Main Colors 2021

The Pantone Color Institute chose the two main colors of 2021 – “perfect gray” (Ultimate Gray) and “illuminating” (Illuminating).The combination of practical and hard grey with warm and optimistic yellow expresses unity and support, experts of the institute believe. According to experts, this combination fully expresses the mood of the coming year, showing how different […]

Electric wingsuit, BMW

BMW introduced the world’s first electric wingsuit. With it, you can not only plan down, but also climb.BMW’s designers worked on the wingsuit with their internal unit Designworks and professional wingsuit pilot, the Austrian Peter Salzmann. Salzmann was also the first to test the company’s development.The company modified the standard wingsuit with two carbon propellers […]

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is perhaps one of the main advertising and marketing tools of any modern company.