International exhibition COMTRANS – 2021

Partners’ success – UPG2B success! Our company has been working with big car dealers for many years, so we, of course, know everything not only about customers’ products, but also monitor the auto industry as a whole: its major events and innovative projects. ‼Just the other day we managed to visit just one of the […]

Where to look for inspiration to update the design of your home space?

When you want to change something in your apartment, unwittingly think, and where to look for ideas? We all remember the brilliant slogan «there is an idea – there is Ikea», but 20-25 years ago in Russia there was neither her, nor Instagram, nor YouTube with multiple reviews of design decisions, nor normal furniture stores.

Electric wingsuit, BMW

BMW introduced the world’s first electric wingsuit. With it, you can not only plan down, but also climb.BMW’s designers worked on the wingsuit with their internal unit Designworks and professional wingsuit pilot, the Austrian Peter Salzmann. Salzmann was also the first to test the company’s development.The company modified the standard wingsuit with two carbon propellers […]

Extreme Base

All facets of extreme! Extreme Base sells and services jet skis, flyboards, wakeboards and other equipment, fixtures, clothing and special equipment related to extreme sports and recreation. Specially for them in the studio was developed a sign and other related products.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is perhaps one of the main advertising and marketing tools of any modern company.